South Euclid Pawn:


Proudly Serving Cleveland, OH since 2011.


Our Services:




Jewelry, Gold, fully funtional Flatscreen Televisions w original remote, Tools, Cameras 16 mega pixels +, Electronics, Musical Instruments, Laptops & most things of value.


We Buy:  Gold, Platinum, Silver, Coins, Old & scrap Jewelry.


Have gold jewelry lying around collecting dust?

If you have gold jewelry you don’t wear because it’s out of style or scrap, bring it to us and turn it into cash. You don’t even have to repair or clean it, we’ll buy it! No Need to wait to get paid.. Simply come in to our store and get Cash on the Spot! We pay top dollar for your gold.                     


CALL 1-216-471-8311


Old scrap gold, Bent/kinked Jewelry, Unwanted Jewelry, Earrings, Bracelets, Cluster Rings, Class Rings, Platinum, Sterling Silver, Estate jewelry, Gold Pins/Brooches, Coins,  Precious metals, 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k & 24k Gold.



WE BUY Some ELECTRONICS that are in GOOD working condition:

Flat screen TV's with original remote manufactured within the last 1.5 years , PS4 s, XBox One and kinnect, 16 +megapixel digital cameras with all the original accessories, 3D or 4k   Blue Ray players with original remotes and Laptops manufactured within the last 1.5 years with Windows 10  or higher ( w charger ). Please call for a valuation.



Legend of the Three Golden Balls


The symbol of the three balls were apart of the coat of arms of the Medici family, who established the Medici trading and banking empire in Florence, Italy. The Medicis were a 15th century Italian family of bankersand lenders, with conciderable fame and fortune. They became so well known in the finance and lending profession that the other lenders wanting to share in their success, adopted similar coats of arms, signs, shields and symbols, with three golden balls being the most popular. After other merchants involved in monetary dealing adopted the three golden balls as their symbol, the three balls came to symbolize the entire profession founded on the ethic of mutual trust.



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